Chemoxy and all Novacap’s activities
unify their names and become

Contract Manufacturer

As one of the largest independent contract manufacturers in Europe, Chemoxy has expanded and diversified since the management buyout from Dow in late 2011. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility of a smaller company, but with the robust engineering standards and health and safety procedures of a large corporation.

Custom Processing Solutions

Custom Processing is our core activity. We are at our best when we can combine our versatile reactors with our excellent distillation capabilities whilst our solvent recovery service can further improve our efficiency by adding further value to by-product or recycle streams. We are based at two sites in the UK and our range of equipment includes: 9 glass lined and stainless steel reactors from 9 m³ to 25 m³ with reaction temperatures to 230°C…

Performance Products

Chemoxy offers an extensive range of low toxicity, environmentally friendly solvents for paints, coatings, industrial and household cleaners. Other applications include agrochemicals, electronics, oilfield chemicals, fragrance and flavouring, cosmetics, Grignard reagent, pharmaceuticals, construction and fine chemicals. These solvents are powerful and several of our products are non VOC allowing wide formulating opportunities…


Our Solvent Recovery Services Distilled Chemoxy’s Solvent Recovery activities stem from a continuous collaboration with numerous industry leaders for the recovery of solvents and solvent by-products from: Pharmaceutical manufacturers Industrial solvents users and manufacturers Electronics industry Agrochemical industry Chemicals manufacturers Flavours and Fragrances We have worked on a wide range of streams and by-products from…