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Chemoxy Achieves 10 years without a reportable Injury of Illness – That’s 2.75 million hours accident free

Posted on December 11, 2012


Congratulations & Huge Thank you to all of the Chemoxy team that have contributed to achieving an amazing milestone……

…..As of this morning, the Middlesbrough & Billingham sites of Chemoxy have achieved an incredible 10 YEARS without a reportable injury or illness. This is equivalent to more than 2.75 million hours of work without an accident.

We are delighted that, as an independent Company, we continued to maintain all the very good work and safety focus established under Dow. The EH&S standards and policies, coupled with the great attitude of those working here have undoubtedly been the cornerstone to this achievement.

Many years ago when we started our “Drive To Zero” there were very few on site who truly believed we could achieve so many years without a reportable injury. We have proved it can be done and we thank you for that. This milestone demonstrates zero is possible.

We must now work on the next 10 years of accident-free performance. There is no room for complacency and we all need to remain diligent and work equally hard to prevent incidents in the future. We must remain focused, continue to utilise all the work-processes, follow best practice, continue to report all near-misses so we can learn from them and most importantly, continue to make Safety our Number 1 priority. We all expect that and our Customers expect it too!

A Business is not sustainable if it is not a safe Business. Good Safety=Good Business.

So, all we ask is that everybody maintains the same focus & effort on health such that we continue to perform at the highest EH&S standards and remain incident free for years to come.

Many thanks again……….and remember Safety is No Accident.

Martyn, Ian, Neil