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Chemoxy Team takes part in Exercise Executive Stretch

Posted on July 3, 2015

Chemoxy recently sent four of its team members on an exciting weekend of training with army reservists, to develop leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills.ExecStretch_0127_zpsahqx2rkx The Exercise Executive Stretch experience was a 48 hour event over 3 days, in which the four Chemoxy employees would be put to the ultimate test through an array of activities:- ExecStretch_0238_zpsaod88myw

  • Camping out under the stars
  • Full day training with army reserves
  • Exposure to life in the field focussing on teamwork and leadership development
  • Survival training with the SAS regiment
  • Following a range of command tasks
  • A medical challenge
  • Use of army field equipment

On the final night of the challenge our team enjoyed a much deserved 3 course Regimental Dinner, in which they could dress smartly for the evening, in suits and dresses. ExecStretch_0246_zpsqmmtwagw The Chemoxy team at the event comprised Stephanie Thompson, Stephen Smith, Daniel Arkle and Michael McGlasson. “Each of Chemoxy employees fully enjoyed the 3 day event …. it was an amazing opportunity ” said Stephanie Thompson (Chemoxy’ s Finance Team) “ All four of us have gained and enhanced a range of skills such as self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as the ability to not judge things/experiences before taking part and trying it out…. It was a fantastic and memorable experience ” ExecStretch_0230_zpsmyppxzbc