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Chemoxy Increases Glass Lined Reactor Capacity

Posted on February 1, 2016

New Glass Lined ReactorChemoxy International Ltd is increasing its glass lined reaction capacity at its site in Billingham. Teesside UK by the installation of a new 12.5m3 glass lined reactor.

The reactor is currently being fabricated in Italy, by 3V Tech SpA and will be installed by June 2016.

” The new reactor will significantly increase our capacity to toll manufacture quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) and methyl end-capped PAG’s using bulk methyl chloride and will also provide additional capacity for oxidation reactions” stated Brian Tarbit, Chemoxy’s Business Development manager ” We intend to launch our own range of diols for the personal care market, which will be further purified on high resolution fractionation columns adjacent to the new reactor, this chemistry plays to our strengths in combined reaction and distillation”

The new reactor will be primarily used for contract manufacturing services but will also manufacture some of Chemoxy’s own range of personal care ingredients