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Further investment in Billingham Site

Posted on April 19, 2016

Chemoxy International are pleased to announce further investment in Billingham Site. Due to growing demand for toll manufacturing services Chemoxy will invest to improve the capability and flexibility of one of our key assets. More and more customers are seeking to incubate projects externally, outsource to avoid capital or repatriate tolling from low cost country production and as such Chemoxy continues to follow an invest and grow strategy in this segment. Plant 4.1, which sits at the heart of our Billingham site, has a 25m3 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel reactor combined with a 1.20m diameter, 6 theoretical plate distillation column. It can operate at up to 195oC and between pressures of 5mbar to 10barg. Chemoxy will upgrade this asset adding a discharge cooler and a tails drum. The cooler will have a heat transfer area of 35m2 greatly increasing cooling capacity and the tails drum will facilitate greater control of the distillation column tails stream, making the asset more flexible and adaptable. This asset is suitable for toll manufacturing, solvent recovery and coalescent manufacture