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Posted on August 1, 2016

In a climate of weak market conditions and lack lustre growth it is good to have some uplifting news. Chemoxy are pleased to report that the 2016 paint season has seen record sales of our flagship new coalescent Coasol® 290 Plus. Coasol® 290 Plus is a low VOC, low odour and low toxicity solvent designed to improve your paint’s sustainability credentials and the quality of life for the user. A recent article in Standard Media “How to identify harmful paints” demonstrates the consequences of choosing harmful materials for paint formulation as they “are released into the air at high levels” and “continue seeping out VOCs for several years after painting “. Chemoxy International Ltd with our Distributor Green Chemicals will attend the Chinese Coatings Show in early December and we will have a stand at the European Coatings Show in April to promote Coasol® 290 Plus, as a green seal alternative. Visit us there for further information.