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Paint Formulation Testing

Posted on September 6, 2016 Paint Formulation Testing

Isabel Rumoroso (Commercial Manager) and Brian Tarbit (Global Technical & Business Development Manager), from Chemoxy have been spending time with our Coasol® and Estasol® distributor in Europe – Azelis. They have attended a training session working on paint formulation manufacture and testing as Chemoxy’s new coalescent moves into the testing phase. Dr Stefan Hagenberg, formulations and testing expert from Azelis took time out to refresh members of Chemoxy’s Coalescent development team in the art of paint formulation and testing methods as Chemoxy International Ltd moves forward with its developments in both standard SVOC, Non-VOC and cross linking coalescents for water based decor paints (patent pending). As new emission and VOC regulations are being adopted across the world, and with ever tightening standards, Coasol® 290 Plus has been specially designed to meet these standards and maintain a non VOC low odour coating. Coasol® 290 Plus combines an excellent suite of properties to produce non VOC, non-odour coatings and is classed as non VOC under European Directive 2004/42/CE. It meets the criteria requirements for the Ecolabel regulations and GS11 Green Seal, and newer standards such as the French regulations. A full list of Chemoxy’s Coasol Distributors can be found in the PCI Buyer’s Guide.