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ChinaCoat 2016

Posted on December 2, 2016 ChinaCoat 2016

The Chemoxy team exhibited at CHINACOAT2016 in early December 2016 in Guangzhou. CHINACOAT has been running since 1996 and alternates between Guangzhou and Shanghai, P. R. China. The 2015 Shanghai show saw 29,580 visitors from 81 countries so this was a key event in our calendar to promote our Coasol® product range. Ahead of the show, Chemoxy’s distributor Green Chemicals organised a technical seminar and our Commercial Manager Isabel Rumoroso presented the key benefits of Coasol® and Coasol®290 Plus which include low VOC, Low odour and toxicity. Isabel’s presentation was translated to Chinese for the benefit of the delegates.


Growth of coatings demand is expected to continue at 8% per year in China and despite the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the China’s coatings market is still growing rapidly compared with mature markets and continues to project long-term growth prospects with a strong focus on innovation and environmentally friendly solutions. Asia Pacific is expected to witness swift market growth due to increased levels of income, urbanization and infrastructural development and China’s coatings industry is undergoing rapid changes with an increasing number of customers looking for reliable and trustworthy brands in the market to meet their specific applications and demand for added value. This gives Chemoxy the opportunity to differentiate our business as air pollution regulations, growing environmental and health concerns of end customers continue to be driving forces in new coatings technologies and customized products 2016

Isabel Chinacoat