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Necessity is the mother of invention

Posted on January 16, 2017 Necessity is the mother of invention

If this old English proverb is true then it explains the growth in Patent applications developed with Chemoxy’s Coasol® product range. Coasol® is a range of specialist low VOC coalescents, for use in many paint applications, including for example water-borne decorative paints and coatings. The “need” our world has today and into the future is to continue to reduce the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) we release into the atmosphere as these have a negative and toxic impact on human health and on the environment, and in particular, the ozone layer. Solvent based paints release Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere as they dry and fifty years ago, virtually all paint was solvent-based. Today, advances in paint technology mean that modern, water-based paints, are increasingly replacing organic solvents across a broad range of paint applications and surface areas (and account for 80% of architectural paints) with legislation in place to support this trend in many parts of the world.

Coasol® products help paint formulators meet this need and provide high quality paints due to their many unique properties. Coasol® promotes fusion of the polymer particles to form a uniform and compact film by softening the polymer particles, allowing them to fuse together whilst maintaining low VOC credentials. Around the world research facilities and Commercial enterprises are looking to Coasol® to drive innovation. In 2016 Chemoxy has seen Coasol® appear in almost one new patent application each month in 2016, nearly double that in 2015.