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Chemoxy go the extra mile with Aggreko technology to win new business

Posted on March 15, 2017 Chemoxy go the extra mile with  Aggreko technology to win new business

In order to successfully develop a new product and accelerate the project timeline, Chemoxy have worked with Aggreko to expand our processing capability. The challenge was to increase the cooling available to one of our five production units at Billingham, quickly and efficiently. Aggreko offer temperature control hire solutions to support fast track projects just like this one and their core values of delivering premium value, a focus on safety at every level of their operation and protection of the environment fit well with Chemoxy’s credo.

Chemoxy were able to accelerate an important new business project by renting a temporary process cooling package while a permanent investment was installed. The temporary cooling system was installed rapidly to allow production development trials to get underway preventing interruption to the customer’s schedule and allowing us to fully meet their needs on time/ in full.

Once Billingham’s new permanent chiller plant was installed, Aggreko swiftly removed its equipment. Stephen Larke, Senior Development Manager for Chemoxy, said: “We found a quick and relatively simple solution to our process cooling challenge. Aggreko provided reliable cooling for our site so we were able to rapidly develop a new process and ramp up to full commercial scale, while we focused on the capital project to install a more permanent solution.”