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Chemoxy International Ltd sign up to new Responsible Care Guiding Principles

Posted on May 23, 2017

Chemoxy Responsible Car Guiding Principles

The Chemical Industry Association have recently revised and re-launched their Responsible Care Guiding Principles and Martyn Bainbridge, Chief Operating Officer of Chemoxy (pictured with Mark Simpson, Chemoxy Operations Manager) has taken the opportunity to sign the new Guiding Principles to re-emphasise our commitment to Responsible Care.

This is the first time the original form of the Principles has been revised since 1999, and the Chemical Industry Association note “much has changed in the chemical sector”. The revision process was conducted by the Responsible Care Strategy Group and involved consultation with CIA staff and member companies, leading to a much improved form of words that better reflect what the industry does and the ways in which businesses are managed to deliver the ethos of Responsible Care.

The revision now features new Guiding Principles, including:

  • Leadership – senior management will maintain a positive leadership culture in all aspects of health, safety and environmental management;
  • Use of Performance Indicators to manage risk
  • Security – activities will be managed with due regard to security and safety of the community

These were not present in the 1999 version but are now clearly foundations of managing chemical and related businesses. In addition, Resource Conservation is expanded into Resource Efficiency, driving the concept of the circular economy by enhancing life-cycle resource efficiency and reducing waste. These concepts are of course at the heart of Chemoxy’s operation as we focus on solvent recovery and the use of bio or recycled raw materials. The original core principles remain: building responsible care on a platform of Employee Involvement, Experience Sharing, Process Safety, Product Stewardship, Stakeholder Engagement and Management Systems supported by a robust HSE Policy.

Adopting the Responsible Care Guiding Principles has always been a condition of CIA membership and Chemoxy are delighted to continue to participate in the 100% sign-up level. The new Charter has been posted in Chemoxy’s reception and presented site wide in Billingham and Middlesbrough on employee noticeboards.