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Chemoxy are going for Silver

Posted on June 7, 2017 Chemoxy are going for Silver


In 2016 the Chemoxy team successfully took their first baby steps for “Better health at Work” achieving the Bronze Award in recognition of the companies efforts to support better physical and mental health at work. In 2017 we are working towards Silver and this week opened our doors to health experts from a variety of backgrounds. Our first guest speaker was Dawn Shotton from Dietwise who addressed the assembled group on the topic of “Mood Food”, encouraging one and all to ditch sugar and find ways to include zinc, folic acid, omega 3 oils and other mood enhancers in our diets. Chemoxy also welcomed Gary Pollard from Men Tell Health, Richie Andrews a Health Improvement Specialist, Suzanne Younger from Improving Public Health and to provide an even stronger incentive the Waterside Brasserie, based at Middlesbrough College, provided super healthy food which was enjoyed by all and served by the students.

Moreover, as a special treat during the day external therapists, including Karen Phillips, Jane Rushton and students from Middlesbrough College, provided Chemoxy’s team with some therapy treatments as part of a holistic approach to managing energy levels and to provide a moment of relaxation and time for reflection and creativity.