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Chemoxy are delighted to announce that we have received a Silver Award in our Ecovadis CSR Assessment

Posted on June 14, 2017

EcoVadis is a global leader for Corporate Social Responsibility assessment and has expanded quickly with 25,000 companies assessed. The assessment tested Chemoxy International’s approach to environment, social, ethics and supply chain challenges and reviewed performance at both our manufacturing sites – Billingham and Middlesbrough. In order to complete the assessment the Commercial Team were supported by the HR, SHE, Purchasing, Training and Quality departments and everyone was delighted to find Chemoxy achieved a score of 60 points in our first assessment delivering a Silver Award.

The EcoVadis CSR recognition levels depend on the applicant’s score and Silver is awarded to those with ratings between 46 and 61. Silver is awarded to approximately the top 30% of companies applying to the assessment platform. The methodology is built on international CSR standards including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and the ISO 26000, covering 150 spend categories and 140 countries.

Ecovadis Team

Many of Chemoxy’s customers have a major focus on the Corporate Social Responsibility and are increasing the ‘eco friendliness’ of their products, values and goals which are essential for Ecovadis recognition. In support of these customer objectives Chemoxy is putting increasing focus on the development of eco-friendly products including low VOC paint additives and replacements to Parabens in cosmetic ingredients.

EcoVadis has also been chosen by the “Together for Sustainability” group of companies to rate the CSR performance of selected suppliers. The “Together for Sustainability” group includes many top tier companies operating in the chemical arena including AkzoNobel, BASF, Clariant Evonik, DSM, International Flavour & Fragrance and many more, all of whom place significant value on Corporate Social Responsibility internally and in their supply chains.

The questions in the assessment are tailored to many different applications and markets and are answered online. For each question Chemoxy provided documentary evidence demonstrating how we operate in that specific area. The questions covered four areas:

  • Environment
  • Labour practices and human rights
  • Fair business practices
  • Supply chain practices

It is a testing process, which challenges the applicant to share in detail all the policies, procedures and processes in place covering corporate social responsibility. Once the Chemoxy team completed and submitted the forms we were delighted to receive the results within a fortnight and even more thrilled to attain Silver level.