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Chemoxy inaugural visit to the Latin American Coatings Show LACS 2017

Posted on June 23, 2017 Chemoxy inaugural visit to the Latin American Coatings Show LACS 2017

In June, for the first time, Chemoxy have attended the Latin American Coatings Show to promote Coasol®, our low VOC coalescent. Chemoxy decided to attend the show as Isabel Rumoroso, who has recently celebrated ten years with Chemoxy International Ltd was inundated with interest from Latin America during the European Coatings Show in Nuremburg in April. Our objective was to get to know the Latin American market and the challenges faced by the paint companies in the region. Isabel joined Francisco Rubio from Kemikals , visiting numerous paint companies during the show and was delighted to have an opportunity to speak her native Spanish for a few days. Kemikals who have worked in the market for eighteen years shared a stand with the giant Akzo Nobel whose products Kemikals distribute.

The 10th Latin American Coatings Show 2017 (LACS 2017) was, once again, organized by the National Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Inks and is considered the most important international exhibition in Latin America for the paint, ink and coatings industry. The show was held at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City from June 20 to June 22, 2017. At the last event in 2016 the show had 72 exhibitors and more than 4,400 visitors from: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Perú, United States of America, Venezuela. Chemoxy are excited to see how this market develops for our environmentally friendly coalescents and solvents manufactured in the UK and exported all over the world.