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Chemoxy Big Reveal

Posted on December 6, 2017 Chemoxy Big Reveal

For many months now Chemoxy have been carrying out refurbishment of one of our most important plants at the Middlesbrough Site – unit M1.1. The unit has received a full face lift during 2017 and as many people start to think about putting up seasonal decorations, Chemoxy are taking down the decorative scaffolding which has covered the plant for many months to reveal a very shiny distillation column with fabulous new LED lighting.

The column itself is made of  stainless steel,  is over 1m in diameter and sports 45 theoretical plates. The theoretical plate count in Distillation Columns  is the equivalent of measuring  the horsepower of a car. In other words, having more theoretical plates increases the power and efficiency of the separation process.

For our staff, neighbours and those travelling across the A66 (a  main East to West corridor in the UK) the work has been captivating. Scaffolding was first erected in May this year and as the work draws to a close our staff and contractors will celebrate successfully completing 10,000 man hours without a safety  incident.

M1.1 is a multi functional unit and is used extensively across Chemoxy’s business operations. It is important for solvent recovery, custom processing and the manufacture  of our own proprietary products. As Chemoxy heads towards 2018, the year we will celebrate 150 years of distillation at the Middlesbrough site, known locally as All Saints Refinery, this investment has prepared the unit for many great years to come.