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Investment in People and Skills

Posted on May 16, 2018 Investment in People and Skills

In celebration of Learning at Work Week, Chemoxy are recognising a group of dedicated Chemoxy employees who have completed  the ‘Leading in the Process Industry’ development programme. The course contains seven challenging learning modules which are worked on over a three year period. The areas of study include: – Stepping up to Supervisor, Difficult Discussions, Coaching & Mentoring, Dealing with Change, Getting the most out of your team, Human Resource Essentials and Project Management.

The programme was initiated in 2015  as part of Chemoxy’s commitment to ongoing professional development. During 2015, the company introduced into the Operations Organisation,  the new Team Leader role for both Day & Shift units and identified that the new role required further talent development and support. By completing the programme Chemoxy believe our staff have benefited from an increased focus on developing competencies, effectiveness and leadership styles allowing each of them to determine their own leadership characteristics, taking accountability and responsibility for themselves and their teams actions. Delivering outstanding custom processing services requires determined teamwork between operations, supply chain and R&D so we believe our customers will see the benefit too.

The employees, of course, also receive a certificate in an industry recognised skills development programme which was carried out by DevelopU in conjunction with Cogent Skills.

Chemoxy is proud to keep workforce skills development high on its agenda. Continuous improvement to the competence of Chemoxy’s workforce is a mainstay of the Business Annual Operating Plan and we are delighted that a dozen of our Team Leaders have successfully completed the programme. Along with investment in technical competence Chemoxy continue to invest in the behavioural skills development of our leaders. Skills development is vital for business productivity and growth and by developing the skills of our Team Leaders we ensure Chemoxy can continue to meet our customers’ needs for innovation, improvement and sustainable business solutions into the future