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150th Anniversary #TeamChemoxy welcomed past employees

Posted on November 5, 2018 150th Anniversary #TeamChemoxy welcomed past employees

On the 150th anniversary #TeamChemoxy welcomed past employees and directors to All Saints Refinery.  #PastTeamChemoxy were in good spirits and reminisced about the past achievements of the company.  Attendees included Dr Tony Gillham MBE, our past CEO who led the original MBO in 1984 together with Alan Parsons our past COO, both spoke to the team about the origins of our company.  Other past chemoxy employees included Dr David Randall (R&D manager), Dr Ron Deeble (Technical Director) Dr Tim Sheldon and Peter Handford ( Senior Development Engineers), Lloyd Phoenix (Engineering manager),Chris Taylor, Ian Dell (Commercial Managers) and Dr John Littlehailes (R&D manager).


#TeamChemoxy would like to thank all of #PastTeamChemoxy for their huge contribution in creating the entrepreneurial and technically excellent company we have today.