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The knowledge and experience of the Chemoxy team is crucial to the success of the company and the running of both our sites. The health and safety, quality control and the entire range of Chemoxy’s products all rely on highly skilled employees working together.


Martyn Bainbridge, COO of Chemoxy Ian Stark, CEO of Chemoxy Neil McLoughlin, CFO of Chemoxy
Martyn Bainbridge

Chief Operating Officer

30 years of experience in the chemical industry in Dow and founder member of Chemoxy International.

Ian Stark

Chief Executive Officer

35 years of experience in the chemical industry in Dow and founder member of Chemoxy International.

Neil McLoughlin

Chief Financial Officer

30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector in Europe and the USA at Rutherford Chemicals and Chemoxy International.


Commercial Team

Allan Jensen, Chemoxy Anne Wardell, Commerical Manager at Chemoxy Isabel Rumoroso, Chemoxy Sue Roberts, Chemoxy
Allan Jensen

Commercial Manager – Solvent Recovery

+44 1642 757905

Anne Wardell

Commercial Manager – Custom Processing

+44 1642 757369

Isabel Rumoroso

Commercial Manager – Performance Products

+44 1642 757391

Sue Roberts

Contracts and Supply Chain Manager

+44 1642 757903


Technical Leadership

At Chemoxy, we have a 150-year history of applying chemistry to develop new materials ensuring that we are recognized as a global leader in the development and production of low VOC coalescents and environmentally friendly solvents. In recent times, we have developed new products for the personal care market and continue our focus on bio and recycled raw materials to further improve the sustainability of our performance product range.


Chemoxy Technical Team

Our technical team also work diligently to support our custom processing business, collaborating with customers to ensure we add value as our Customer’s outsourcing partner.

Chemoxy’s collaborative innovation and development programs are led by :

Brian Tarbit: Global Technical and Business Manager

Rick Mitford: Research & Development Manager