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This overview of Chemoxy explores the company itself, looking at its history, its health and safety standards and the structures that allow the company to continue to provide countless industries with the quality materials they require.

Chemoxy International Ltd is one of Europe’s largest independent contract manufacturers, combining the speed and agility of a small/medium sized company with the health and safety and environmental performance of the best major chemical corporations.

Our Middlesbrough site has carried out distillation since 1868 and our Billingham site was added to the portfolio in 1994, with a major expansion was completed in 2014.

In addition to custom processing, our company manufactures a range of environmentally-friendly solvents which are used in the latest generation of paints and cleaning products.

The business has a large proportion of exports sales and employs over 150 highly skilled workers across the two sites. Chemoxy has a long established reputation for technical excellence, confidentiality and EH&S compliance

We serve a diverse range of industries, including: specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, fuel and lube additives, household and personal care, flavour and fragrance, agricultural chemicals and surface coatings. Our performance products include Estasol® (low toxicity solvent) and Coasol® (low odour coalescing agent for paints).

We like to build partnerships with our customers and to work very closely with their technical teams to develop innovative solutions for operating challenges. We enjoy long term relationships on many levels with our customers and we pride ourselves on our integrity, customer focus and reliability, amongst many other attributes.

Key Facts & Figures


Sales Revenue £45M/year ($70MM)
No. of Employees >150
Annual Output 50ktpa
Storage Capacity 18,000m³
Distillation Columns 9
Reactor Capacity 165m³
2 Sites 17 acres & 8 acres (25 acres/ 10 hectares total)
Location Teesside, UK