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Batch to Continuous

Adapting to Your Changing Needs

If you are looking to make a small amount of product for field testing or product trials, batch processing may be ideal; but when your needs increase, the process may need to evolve to handle large quantities efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Chemoxy, we can respond quickly to your changing needs by offering both batch and continuous processing. Continuous processing is more cost effective for processing larger quantities due to improved equipment productivity. It also often leads to a better product, as the continuous flow of material in and out of the processing equipment eliminates batch-to-batch variations in the product quality and prevents byproduct formation. Chemoxy is an expert in converting batch processes to continuous processes.

As a toll manufacturer, we are ideally placed to migrate processes between the various units and, using the fact that our plants are multi purpose and have much more capacicty than is required for any single project, we can flex capacity to grow with your development or sudden upswings in demand – something that would be very difficult to do on a purpose built plant in your own factory.

Chemoxy participates in joint development projects with our customers, utilizing our research and development facilities and computer simulation technology to determine the best processing options for their products.

For more information about batch-to-continuous processing, please contact us.