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Custom Processing

Custom Processing is Chemoxy’s core activity. We are at our best when we can combine our versatile reactors with our excellent distillation capabilities whilst our solvent recovery service can further improve our efficiency by adding increased value to by-product or recycle streams. We are based at two sites in the UK and our range of equipment includes:

  • 9 glass lined and stainless steel reactors from 9 m³ to 25 m³ with reaction temperatures to 230°C.
  • 9 distillation units with up to 50 theoretical stages and vacuum capability to 5 mm Hg.
  • Wide range of feed and side stream options.
  • Solid raw material addition.
  • Bulk methyl chloride and other difficult to handle raw materials.

With the versatility of our units, we are ideally placed to offer you the right option from start up, through the growth phase and any sudden increases in demand, to mature quantities by our ability to flex the capacity we can make available for your product. Our highly successful track record is based on delivering a global service that provides:

  • Strict adherence to client confidentiality.
  • A highly experienced, multi functional team, focused in one location for a fast and responsive service.
  • A commitment to upholding the highest health, safety and environmental standards.
  • An open and constructive rapport with clients.
  • A focus on continuous improvement and process development.
  • Focus on quality and product stewardship.
  • An extension of your own production facilities.

We are chosen as the preferred toll manufacturing partner for many international companies who see us as a reliable extension of their own product facilities.

Our Approach

  • Initial feasibility study, EH&S and Equipment Evaluation.
  • Computerised process simulation, cost estimate.
  • R&D laboratory / process development.
    • Sample analysis
    • Anticipated yields
  • Experimental simulation in R&D pilot equipment.
    • Actual yields and minor contaminant issues
  • Quality control.
  • Processing in plant equipment.
  • Raw materials in, plant modifications made.
  • Final costing, binding offer.
  • Sample submitted to customer for approval.
Technologies & Processes Routine Chemistries Carried Out Other Capabilities Chemistries Available Typical Raw Materials Handled
Adsorption Esterification Acetal Formation Acetic Acid /Anhydride
Batch Reactions Etherification Acetylation Acrylonitrile
Batch-to-continuous Epoxidation Aldol Condensation Epichlorohydrin
Catalyst Regeneration Methylation /Methyl Capping Alkylation Ethyl Chloride
Distillation Quaternization Amination Hydrogen Peroxide
Reactive Distillation Transesterification Borationn Methyl Chloride
Extractions Dehydration Phenol
Filtration Diels-alder Tdi
Fixed-bed Reaction Epoxidation
Molecular Sieve Treatment Hydrolysis
Solvent Recovery Isomerization
Phase Transfer Catalysis

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