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Dehydration occurs in many type of reactions. Here at Chemoxy we do several types of dehydration to access different type of materials:


dehydration of straight chain alcohols

dehydration of cyclic alcohols

Acid catalysed dehydration of alcohols to give the alkenes is well known and practised throughout the chemical industry. Here at Chemoxy, we are able to provide high purity products on large scale using our high performance columns.

Acids:dehydration of glutaric acid to glutaric ahydride

The dehydration can be done with various catalysts including inorganic acids, organic acids and also using fixed bed catalysts, and at varying temperatures depending upon the nature of the reaction, steric hindrance etc.

Chemoxy produces specialty anhydrides and uses both technologies, handling raw materials such as aliphatic and aromatic acids and uses a range of acids and other catalysts.

Chemoxy’s skill set, allows the products to be produced in high purity with low water content, often required as part of the anhydride specification, whether used in pharma, agrochemicals, F&F, electronics or other performance applications.

Products are isolated by intensive distillation fractionation, and thus there are benefits in the ability for us to achieve high purity and low water content, and to recycle acids and alcohols.

We can also produce materials which are not distilled and have high melting points by dropping the melt to drums, or to a flaker.

Our preference is for liquids, or products that melt below 50°C.

One such product we make is Glutaric Anhydride.