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Diels-Alder chemistry is practised throughout the chemical industry and see uses in many area’s such as F&F, pharma, electronics and in some cases, in agrochemicals.

The basic chemistry involves the 1,4-addition of the double bond of a dienophile to a conjugated diene to generate a six-membered ring. This is often used to form certain functionality on 6 membered ring systems.
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The high temperatures coupled with the fractional distillation makes this an ideal fit for Chemoxy, and we currently run processes for some of our customers using this chemistry.

Chemoxy’s skill set, allows the products to be produced in high purity with low water content, often required as part of the anhydride specification, whether used in pharma, agrochemicals, F&F, electronics or other performance applications.

Products are isolated by intensive distillation fractionation, and thus there are benefits in the ability for us to achieve high purity and low water content, and to recycle acids and alcohols. Separation of products with boiling point differences of 5-10°C is achieved on our columns.

Our preference is for liquids, or products that melt below 50°C.