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Over 100 Years of Distillation Expertise

Chemoxy people are experts in distillation technology, with the ability to produce high-purity products, on both a small scale (20 MT) and a large scale (1000 MT or more).

If your process requires both distillation and reaction, Chemoxy’s expertise in coupling reaction and distillation can provide the most economical process for your product. Our experts can help you determine which technology is right for you.

Depending on your needs, we can carry out distillation directly with one of our powerful columns, or, if necessary, can combine it with one of our reactors if, for example, there are solids which may precipitate in the heavy fraction and would foul a conventional column and reboiler.

We will quickly assess any enquiries for distillation and we particularly welcome projects with difficult to separate materials. We have a very experienced technical team and an excellent track record of finding innovative solutions to difficult distillation challenges – often when combined with a reaction as well. We would assess your enquiry and decide which of our versatile units was the most suitable to maximize both efficiency and yield. We are also ideally placed to offer you the right option from start up, through rapid growth, to mature quantities by our ability to flex the capacity we can make available to your product.

With our solvent recovery business, we can often help you to get value for by product streams as well, further improving the value from Chemoxy’s services.

Distillation Services

  • Azeotropic
  • Extractive
  • Flash
  • Reactive distillation
  • High Resolution Fractionation
  • Vacuum to 5 mm Hg
  • Single & Multi-Step