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Hydrolysis can been seen in many different chemical reactions. Here at Chemoxy we have a great deal of experience in hydrolysis of:


nitrile hydrolysis (aryl)

nitrile hydrolysis


ester hydrolysis (aryl)ester hydrolysisAnhydrides:

anhydride hydrolysis

The hydrolysis can be done in either acidic or basic conditions, (liberating the acid as required) and a variety of catalysts can be used, including ion exchange resins. In the case of esters, we have the added value proposition of valorisation of the waste alcohol by either recycle or potential use in other products or sale into the solvents market.

Often the acids are processed in house to make esters.

Chemoxy produces acids and uses both technologies, handling raw materials such as aliphatic and aromatic acids and anhydrides and uses a range of acids and bases.

Chemoxy’s skill set, allows the products to be produced in high purity with low water content, often required as part of the acid specification, whether used in pharma, agrochemicals, F&F, electronics or other performance applications.

Products are isolated by intensive distillation fractionation, and thus there are benefits in the ability for us to achieve high purity and low water content, and to recycle acids and alcohols.

Our preference is for liquids, or products that melt below 50°C.