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Chemoxy offers quatermisation capabilities in our glass-lined and chloride-resistant steel reactors at the Billingham site in the U.K. Unlike many companies who handle only
benzyl chloride, we have the capability and expertise to also make products using difficult-to-handle raw materials such as methyl chloride and epichlorohydrin.

We can also offer a methyl capping service which replaces reactive hydroxyl groups with more stable ether groups, manufacturing products for our customers in a wide range
of end market applications.

Chemoxy’s ability to economically handle bulk quantities of methyl chloride and epichlorohydrin differentiates us within the custom processing industry. We have EH&S expertise that assures that your process is handled safely and cost-efficiently.

Methyl Capping

methyl capping

Methyl capping converts a reactive hydroxyl (-OH) group into an unreactive ether group (-OMe). For example in the capping of polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether.

This makes the product much more stable to hydrolysis. It also modifies the viscosity characteristics of the product which is beneficial in applications where such products are used as lubricants in compressors and vehicle engines. Other applications of methyl capped products include gas scrubbing fluids, coatings and specialty solvents.

If you want more information about Chemoxy’s overall quaternization or methyl capping capabilities, Contact Us.