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The huge range of products and their applications at Chemoxy feature an extensive array of low toxicity, environmentally-friendly solvents for paints, coatings, industrial and household cleaners. Other applications include agrochemicals, electronics, oilfield chemicals, fragrance and flavouring, cosmetics, Grignard reagent, pharmaceuticals, construction and fine chemicals. These solvents are powerful and several of our products are non VOC, allowing wide formulating opportunities. Chemoxy’s solvents can also be used independently or in blends. Additional benefits are low odour, low toxicity, good biodegradability and favourable environmental regulatory status.

Contact us to request an MSDS by emailing: Also feel free to ask any specific questions regarding any of Chemoxy’s products and applications.

Company Overview

Chemoxy International Ltd is one of Europe’s largest independent contract manufacturers combining the speed and agility of a small/medium sized company with the Health Safety and Environmental performance of the best major chemical corporations. Read More