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The cleaning solvents available from Chemoxy can be used in a multitude of industrial cleaner formulations for many applications. You can also look at the entire range of chemical products and applications here.

Estasol®offers strong polarity with paint and polymer removing properties. Estasol® can be applied with other solvents or as a replacement of methylene chloride in paint strippers, graffiti removers and adhesives removers.

Coasol™ Coalescing Aid is a strong ester with a good balance of polar and non polar properties that can be used for industrial cleaners.

2-Ethylhexyl Acetate is a very strong solvent with good penetration properties. 2-EHA is a solvent for asphalt, oily and greasy residues in special cleaners, adhesives and aerosols.

Di-n-Butyl Ether is a very strong solvent with good penetration properties.

There is much more to the properties and application of these products as cleaning solvents, so please call us on 016 4224 8555 to talk with an expert.