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Seqens Custom Specialties manufactures 1,2 Alkanediols, which have multifunctional properties for use in personal care. These products have emollient, humectant and antimicrobial activity, can be used over a wide pH range and are compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.

To support in the fight against COVID-19, SEQENS CS are now producing Hand Sanitiser Rub (ChemoxyCare® HS).  The product technical data sheet can be seen here.  Contact us for more information.

Our range of Adipates can be used for non-oily skin conditioning and emolliency or as a carrier for other cosmetic ingredients. Applications include sun-care, shaving lotions, deodorants and make up.

Isoamyl acetate is primarily used in nail varnish and manicure preparations because of its low toxicity, fruit-like odour and excellent solvency.

In addition, Seqens Group can offer Sodium Bicarbonate, Salicylic Acid, Methyl Salicylate and a range of botanical actives.  Download Brochure

Please contact us if you require any additional information or support.