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Is a high-purity and low odour product and can be used for cosmetics as a moisturizer/emollient and has the additional benefit of possessing antimicrobial activity.


ChemoxyCare®2EHG (2-Ethylhexylglycerin) is a frequently used multifunctional additive. Besides its deodorant efficacy, it is an excellent booster of many traditional preservatives and other antimicrobial substances.

ChemoxyCare®2EHG is a very effective active component in deodorants and finds important use in preservative formulations due to its inhibiting effect on the growth of odour causing bacteria.

ChemoxyCare®2EHG enhances the antimicrobial efficacy of preservatives often used used in formulations, such as, phenoxyethanol, pentylene glycol, ChemoxyCare®8 (caprylyl glycol), or isothiazolinones.

Another similar product from Chemoxy that you may be interested in is ChemoxyCare®8 which is a primary ingredient in many Personal Care formulations.Combined with ChemoxyCare®2EHG, the synergystic effect gives a multifunctional cosmetic additive and combines the excellent skin care and deodorizing properties of ChemoxyCare®2EHG with the moisturizing and antimicrobial properties of ChemoxyCare®8.

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