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ChemoxyCare® 8


Why use ChemoxyCare® 8?

Straight chain 1, 2-alkanediols have been used for almost 25 years as moisturizers with multifunctional activities.

ChemoxyCare® 8 has moisturizing abilities and anti-microbial activities and ChemoxyCare® 8 will work synergistically with other preservatives in personal care formulations, it is often co-formulated with 1,2-Hexanediol or Phenoxyethanol and is used to replace parabens. ChemoxyCare® 8 is also known as 1,2-Octanediol or Caprylglycol.

The key aspect of ChemoxyCare® 8, is its chemical purity , which stems from 2 facets of Chemoxy’s production – our controlled reaction chemistry is such that purity is higher and impurities are minimised through our sophisticated distillation capability.

Benefits of ChemoxyCare® 8:
ChemoxyCare® 8 has no pH restrictions when used in formulations.
ChemoxyCare®8 use in formulations tends to be below 1% w/w levels.

What is ChemoxyCare8



ChemoxyCare® 8 has good antimicrobial resistance to Gram+, Gram- and Yeast.
ChemoxyCare® 8 also has moderate performance against moulds.
ChemoxyCare® 8 improves the stability and resistance of the formulation to microbial attack.
ChemoxyCare® 8 is a well-known hydrating agent, and its short lipophilic chain attaches to the lipid structures orientating the hydrophobic part of the molecule to the upper skin layers for better moisture retention.
ChemoxyCare® 8 is also known to reduce the surface energy and therefore the contact angle of water on the hydrophobic surfaces of the skin, giving better moisture distribution.

Product Specification

Appearance Clear colourless liquid @ 30°C
Odour Very Low Odour
Colour 30 Hazen Max
Assay (glc) 99.0% Min
Water Content 0.3%w/w Max

Key properties

  • Used as an emollient
  • Used as a Humectant

Typically used as an emollient or humectant in formulations which are used for:

a)Skin Care

b)Colour cosmetics


d)Bathing products

e)Health care creams

f)Hygiene Products


Click the link below to view Chemoxy’s full ChemoxyCare® 8 product PDF file.

Click here to view the Chemoxy Care 8 Technical Data Sheet.