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Dimethyl Adipate, also known as DMA, is one of the chemical products on offer here at Chemoxy. Dimethyl Adipate is a colourless liquid used in a lot of cosmetic products. Its chemical structure is illustrated below:

dimethyl adipate

What is Dimethyl adipate?

Dimethyl Adipate (DMA) is a non VOC according to its vapour pressure. DMA is a low toxicity, readily biodegradable, low odour oxygenated solvent that can be used in a variety of applications including agrochemicals, polymer intermediates, screening creams and lotions.

Product Identification

Product Name Dimethyl adipate
Empirical Formula C8H14O4
CAS Number 627-93-0
Synonyms Dimethylhexanedioate
Physical State Colourless liquid
Odour Characteristic
Boiling Point 109-110°C


Dimethyl Adipate has a number of cosmetic applications in emollients and skin conditioning, and is also used as a cosmetic plasticizer.

In nail varnish application and removal.

Dimethyl adipate is used in agrochemicals as a raw material in the manufacture of several active ingredients such as Lenacil, Metconazole, Ipconazole.

It can be used as a cleaning solvent in blends with other low vapour pressure solvents.

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