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Coasol® 290 Plus

Coasol® 290 plus is Chemoxy’s top of the range SVOC coalescent for water based architectural paints. Due to Coasol® 290 plus’s many unique properties, it is extremely useful for those in the paint and industrial cleaning products industries, especially when formulating to meet VOC regulations.


Why use Coasol® 290 Plus?

As new emission and VOC regulations are being adopted across the world, and with ever increasing standards, Coasol® 290 Plus is specially designed to meet these standards and maintain a non VOC low odour coating.

Coasol® 290 Plus combines an excellent suite of properties to produce non VOC, non-odour coatings and is classed as non VOC under European Directive 2004/42/CE.

  • Key Features of Coasol® 290 Plus
    • Higher boiling point than Coasol® – 290°C.
    • Open time improvement.
    • High Eco-Tox Profile
      • Non-VOC, biodegradable and low odour ‘on wall’. Coasol® isn’t toxic and is Non HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant).
      • No esters of butyric acid so no risk of unpleasant odours when paint applied to alkaline walls.
      • High Performance & Efficiency
        • Can use 20-50% less to achieve a low MFFT.
        • Reduced solvent loading to allow incorporation of open time extenders and freeze/thaw protection systems.
        • Improved paint rheology and pigment wetting.
        • Incorporated easily in low shear mixing
        • Minimal water solubility improves portioning performance.
        • Enhanced film properties
          • Improved open time enhances film formation.
          • Film integrity and durability improved by drying profile.
          • Excellent water resistance.
          • Improved colour development & minimal impact on gloss.
          • Improved film hardness without cracking.
          • Improved wet rub performance.
          • Resistant to hydrolysis so useable on Alkaline surfaces.


Coasol® 290 Plus is a very high performance coalescing system which gives the formulator flexibility to achieve low VOC targets whilst improving paint performance in a number of areas.

Coasol® 290 Plus finds an application in industrial cleaners where its eco-profile distinguishes it from other technologies. It is used in hard surface cleaners, as a component in printing paint cleaners, for removal of floor wax. Certain Graffiti removal formulations use its high degree of solvency. It is also used in nail polish removing formulations.

Coasol® 290 Plus is used with unsaturated polyester resins or epoxy resin systems, and can be used as a low tail solvent in coil coatings, or to reduce VOC in high solid formulations.

Coasol® 290 Plus has been used in a number of oil-field applications including low temperature fluids, wax dispersion and degreasers.

VOC standards

  • Not classified as VOC as per the European Directive 2004/42/EC.
  • Not classified as a VOC per China State Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Not classified as VOC in Green Seal GS 11.
  • Not classified as a VOC per Australian Paint Approval Scheme, D181.
  • Not classified as a VOC as per the exemption criteria for EPA 40CFR59.203(f)1.
  • Not classified as VOC according to the LVP exemption criteria by CARB.
  • Not classified as VOC as per the French VOC and labelling Regulation for building and decorative products.

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