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Why use Coasol®?

Coasol® is a specialist low VOC coalescent product, for use in indoor water-borne architectural paints, owned and trademarked by Chemoxy. Coalescence is defined as the process by which a uniform and compact film is obtained by the drying of organic, polymer-based latex emulsion paints.

Chemoxy is one of Europe’s leading experts in high purity, complex reaction-distillation, and is the only manufacturer of Coasol®, which is a coalescent additive used to promote fusion of the polymer particles to form a uniform and compact film by softening the polymer particles and allowing them to fuse together.

Coalescence and its efficacy are fundamental steps in the formulation of Latex paints, as many of their properties and performance in use are due to the coalescent used.

Coasol® combines an excellent suite of properties to produce non VOC, non-odour coatings and is classed as non VOC under European Directive 2004/42/CE.

  • High Eco-Tox Profile
    • Non-VOC, biodegradable and low odour ‘on wall’. Coasol® isn’t toxic and is Non HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant).
    • No esters of butyric acid so no risk of unpleasant odours when paint applied to alkaline walls.
  • High Performance & Efficiency
    • Can use 20-50% less to achieve a low MFFT.
    • Reduced solvent loading to allow incorporation of open time extenders and freeze/thaw protection systems.
    • Improved paint rheology and pigment wetting.
    • Incorporated easily in low shear mixing.
    • Minimal water solubility improves portioning performance.
  • Enhanced film properties
    • Improved open time enhances film formation.
    • Film integrity and durability improved by drying profile.
    • Excellent water resistance.
    • Improved colour development & minimal impact on gloss.
    • Improved film hardness without cracking.
    • Improved wet rub performance.
    • Resistant to hydrolysis so useable on alkaline surfaces.


Coasol® is a very high performance coalescing system which gives the formulator flexibility to achieve low VOC targets whilst improving paint performance in a number of areas.

Coasol® finds application in industrial cleaners where its eco-profile distinguishes it from other technologies. It is used in hard surface cleaners, as a component in printing paint cleaners, for removal of floor wax. Certain Graffiti removal formulations use its high degree of solvency.

Coasol® is used with unsaturated polyester resins or epoxy resin systems, and can be used as a low tail solvent in coil coatings, or to reduce VOC in high solid formulations.

Coasol®has been used in a number of oil-field applications including low temperature fluids, wax dispersion and various rig cleaning applications.

Another similar product from Chemoxy that you may be interested in is Coasol® 290 plus, which is ideal if you require a non VOC low-odour coating.

Click here to view the Coasol® Technical Data Sheet.

Additionally, this article will go into more details as how exactly Coasol® can solve your coalescing problems. However, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about any of our wider range of products and applications, or any specific questions about Coasol®.