Why use Coasol™?

Coalescence is defined as the process by which a uniform and compact film is obtained on drying of organic, polymer-based latex emulsion paints. Coalescent additives promote fusion of the polymer particles to form a uniform and compact film by softening the polymer particles and allowing them to fuse together.

The choice of Coalescent and its efficacy are fundamental steps in the formulating of Latex paints, as so many of their properties and performance in use are due to the coalescent used.

Coasol™ combines an excellent suite of properties to produce non VOC, non-odour coatings and is classed as non VOC under European Directive 2004/42/CE. It meets the criteria requirements for the Ecolabel regulations and GS11 Green Seal.


Coasol™ is a very high performance coalescing system which gives the formulator flexibility to achieve low VOC targets whilst improving paint performance in a number of areas.

Coasol™ finds application in industrial cleaners where its eco-profile distinguishes it from other technologies. It is used in hard surface cleaners, as a component in printing paint cleaners, for removal of floor wax. Certain Graffiti removal formulations use its high degree of solvency.

Coasol™ is used with unsaturated polyester resins or epoxy resin systems, and can be used as a low tail solvent in coil coatings, or to reduce VOC in high solid formulations.

Coasol™ has been used in a number of oil-field applications including low temperature fluids, wax dispersion and various rig cleaning applications.


Coasol™ TDS

Hansen Parameters datasheet


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