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Cyclohexene is one of the chemical products on offer here at Chemoxy.

The structural formula for Cyclohexene is:



Cyclohexene is a volatile liquid with a characteristic odour. It is a reactive cycloaliphatic alkene, as a building block used in several different markets, due to the functionality of the double bond which allows a range of chemistries to be applied, and downstream intermediates and products to be derived from it, such as the epoxide, diol and other useful downstream products.


Product Name Cyclohexene
Empirical Formula C6 H10
CAS Number 110-83-8
Synonyms CHE, Cyclohex-1-ene
Physical State Liquid
Odour Sharp
Boiling Point 83oC


Cyclohexene is used in a diverse range of chemical synthesis. It is a building block that is used in Pharma, (eg, Clidanac, MK 346, Trandolapril and Agchems such as Propargite. It also has industrial and consumer uses in the following:

  • Used in synthesis of waterproof coatings
  • LED encapsulation systems
  • Crack resistant films
  • Elastomers
  • Tie binder for coating
  • Adhesives
  • Silanes
  • It is a precursor to the epoxide, diol and other useful downstream products.


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