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Dimethyl Succinate (DMS) is one of the multitudes of useful, high-quality chemical products available from Chemoxy. The chemical structure of Dimethyl Succinate can be seen below.



Dimethyl succinate is used as a flavouring agent. It also has wide range of industrial applications such as Functional fluids (open systems), Intermediates, Paint additives and Coating additives, Pigments Solvents, Viscosity adjustors.


Product Name Dimethyl succinate, Butanedioic acid dimethyl ester
Empirical Formula C6H10O4
CAS Number 106-65-0
Synonyms DMS
Physical State Liquid at room temp (mpt 17-18ºC) Bpt 196ºC
Odour Fruity
Viscosity 2.920 [mPa s] at 20.ºC

1.816 [mPa s] at 40.ºC

1.410 [mPa s] at 60.ºC

1.133 [mPa s] at 80.ºC


DMS is used in HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers) via the production of Dimethyl Succinate/4 hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxyethyl )-2,2,6,6 –tetramethylpiperidine copolymer. HALS are used to inhibit degradation of polymers. DMS is also used as a pigment intermediate DMS is also used in Pharma applications. It has been used to form one step furan resins in subterranean wellbores, conductive pastes and even paper coatings and photographics.

To find out more about Chemoxy and the wider industrial chemical industry, can read our news page. If you have any questions about DMS, please do not hesitate to contact Chemoxy. We are experts in our field and more than happy to talk about the uses and applications of DMS with respect to your processes and your business as a whole.


Click here to view the Dimethyl Succinate 99 Technical Data Sheet.

Click here to view the Dimethyl Succinate Technical Data Sheet.