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n-Pentyl Propionate is one of the chemical products on offer here at Chemoxy.

The structural formula for n-Pentyl Propionate is:

Pentyl Propionate





n-Pentyl Propionate is a solvent used in various applications, such as floor cleaners. It is a Non-HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) Solvent and has good solvency in coatings applications, particularly in automotive coatings and Inks. It has a slow evaporation rate and a high boiling point.

Product Name n-Pentyl Propionate
Empirical Formula C8 H16O2
CAS Number 624-54-4
Physical State Liquid
Boiling Point 169°C


  • Automotive refinish coatings as a solvent for eg acrylic based resins
  • Appliance coatings
  • Personal care and Cosmetics as a solvent
  • Fragrance Applications
  • Printing inks
  • Polymerization solvent for high solids


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You can read the entire n-Pentyl Propionate data sheet below:

Click here to view the n-Pentyl Propionate Technical Data Sheet.