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REACH RegulationsREACH Regulations

Solvent Recovery & REACH Interpretation

The solvent recovery and REACH interpretation by Chemoxy is as follows:

The REACH status of this product has been assessed and the product has been classified as a recovered solvent in accordance with Article 2(7)(d) of REACH. By following this approach, Chemoxy International Limited is taking the responsibility to fulfil the requirements of Article 2(7)(d) of REACH as stated below.

(i) The substance that results from the recovery process is the same as the substance that has been registered in accordance with Title II; and

(ii) The information required by Articles 31 or 32 relating to the substance that has been registered in accordance with Title II is available to the establishment undertaking the recovery.

Chemoxy International Limited will not register this recovered product.

Guidance and reference:

Waste Hierarchy & REACH

Regulation 12 of the Waste Regulations sets out the requirements of the waste hierarchy:

– An establishment or undertaking which imports, produces, collects, transports, recovers or disposes of waste, or which as a dealer or broker has control of waste must, on the transfer of waste, take all such measures available to it as are reasonable in the circumstances to apply the following waste hierarchy as a priority order:

  • (a) Prevention;
  • (b) Preparing for re-use;
  • (c) Recycling;
  • (d) Other recovery (for example energy recovery);
  • (e) Disposal.

This applies to:

– Any person who produces hazardous waste, or

– Any person who holds, carries, keeps, treats or imports hazardous waste, or

– A dealer or broker who has control of hazardous waste, or

– Any person responsible for the transfer of hazardous waste

See the online guidance:

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