Chemoxy offers a range of Solvent Recovery Solutions

Chemoxy have vast experience in recovering and recycling a wide range of streams and by-products from across the manufacturing sector.

Chemical Manufacturing Plant

Types of Solvents



Aromatic solvents

Halogenated solvents



Organic acids


Chemical Manufacturing

The Strengths of Chemoxy


Azeotropic distillation

  • Miscible and immiscible

Reactive Distillation

Batch and Continuous

Extractive distillation

Multi-stage rectification



Business Benefits circular Economy:

Reducing risk

Reducing total cost of ownership

Improving sustainability credentials

By-product solvent producers face two options:

  • Disposal of spent solvent stream via thermal oxidation/landfill


  • Recycling

Chemoxy Offers

  • Toll Recovery: Recycling of by-product streams and waste solvents. Streams will be purified and returned to the client for reuse


  • Chemoxy takes ownership of the streams from the solvent user/producer.



Overcoming the toughest challenges safely with:-

Operational & technical excellence


  • Getting the stream onto the plant rapidly
  • Investment where necessary


  • Solvent recovery plus: we react and distil
  • Delivering higher purity/ improved value/ sustainability credentials


Service which surpasses your expectations:-

On time delivery of service and supply chain

Market connectivity for valorisation of streams

Location in the heart of chemical cluster

Seveso III / COMAH sites offering abatement technology


Chemoxy’s Solvent Recovery stems from a continuous collaboration with numerous industry leaders for the recovery of solvents and solvent by-products from:

  • Industrial solvents users and manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Electronics industry
  • Agrochemical industry
  • Chemicals manufacturers
  • Flavours and Fragrances

We have worked on a wide range of streams and by-products from these industry sectors for recovery/toll recovery. The majority of customers are repeat customers and we continue to build on the relationships we create to offer improved value for our customers.


Selling Ethics for Recovered Solvents

When reselling our recovered solvents, we ensure that duty of care is taken into account and we are very aware of the ethics of using recovered solvents in relation to the industry in which the solvents are then used. We therefore sell the products to our customers on the following understanding:

This product comprises recovered material and should not be used for any tobacco products, medical devices, food, animal or pharmaceutical applications. The buyer shall ensure any onward sale of product or formulation containing product shall be similarly described. By accepting the order, the buyer agrees to these conditions. The buyer is aware that this is a recovered product and takes all responsibility for any claims arising from any onwards sale of the product.

Solvent Recovery & REACH Interpretation

The entire solvent recovery process is explained below:


Solvent recovery graphic

What solvents are you looking to recover? Contact us to discuss whether we can offer a better option for your waste streams or to ask us something specific about our Solvent Recovery Process.